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SmartFile™ By Footsiebath™ 4-Way Round File With Foam (12 Pack)

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SmartFile™ By Footsiebath™  (12 Pack)

  • All purpose nail files used for nails, toenails, and heels.
  • The Foam will absorb the sound of grinding on the nail.
  • The shape of the file is only for the personal preference

Round File /w Foam 4way (Shiner) Heels/Nails:(Black/80) (Zebra/180) (White/1K) (Gray/4K)
Black/ Grit 80 – Use for heels and acrylic nails.
Zebra/ Grit 180 – To file normal fingernails and smooth heels.
White/ Grit 1000 – To smooth out uneven surface fingernails.
Gray/ Grit 4000 – To make fingernails shiny.

1. Can be used for finger nails.
2. Can be used for toe nails and heels.
3. Can be used as a cuticle pusher.
4. Can be used for acrylic nails.
5. Can be used for gel nails.
6. The buffing and shininess of the nail will depend on the grade of the file.
7. DO NOT soak the nails before filing the nails. File dry nails only.


U.P.C. #: 898198001134

Made in USA

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